Overcoming Artist Block.

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Before I start, drinking water, eating three balanced meals a day, and getting enough sleep, is a necessity. So please, remember to take care of yourself before anything else. Every creative can become close to draining their energy and motivation, if not completely losing their ability to work on a project. We’ve all been there, whether for a day, a month, a year, or more… This is my experience on how to overcome this mental block and get back to doing you. Battle tested and consistently proved. It’s important to note that this may take time, so don’t get frustrated, it takes small steps to reach a big goal. The biggest action you can take is to start feeling yourself again. Get off Netflix (or your equivalent of this). Instead go outside for a run or a long walk. Trust me. Reconnecting yourself to nature, or the environment around you, is essential to re-inspire that spark. Getting out and being active will increase the energy of the mind, of the body, and of the soul. If this is not enough, or you don’t feel ready to take that step quite yet, the second most important thing I’ve ever done is to tidy up my life. Tidy life, tidy mind. Clean up and clear up your workspace and bedroom. Get yourself in the shower and then re-enter your fresh space. Most of the time I will feel so much better for this and get to trying out and experimenting with anything to do with art, or in your case, whatever creative field that may be. Pick anything, a whale, a music track, something you saw when you went for that walk or run. Just use that as a basis to start. 20 minutes. Go…