my story

As almost every creative will tell you, I started out at a really young age. You’ll see some photo evidence of my young endeavours below. My artistic journey has taken me through many genres of creativity; music, writing.. but most importantly, art.


This year was an important year for me. I discovered the niche genre of spraypaint, producing numorous spacescapes and stencils. All work can be found on ArtStation. This inspired my love for nature, particularly the night sky, and this has taken throughout my work to date.


A massive leap of faith, spending almost all my savings at the time on getting an illustration printed out on a bunch of shirts, nothing is ever instant, and I struggled to sell a lot of shirts, but sometimes you need to just take risks. I managed to get a dozen in a couple local stores.


This was a really inspiring time, this year I started university, studying game art. This massively boosted my industry knowlege, skillset and ultimately confidence which I take with me everywhere I go. I very much recommend Falmouth University.

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